About CineFringe

CineFringe started life as a tiny short film festival, open to anyone and completely free to enter – from the beginning our mission was to showcase the best collection of independent short films in UK and across the world.

The Beginning


Debuting in 2010, organised by a small but dedicated team of independent film lovers, CineFringe was originally designed to fill a gap left by the rescheduling of the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2008 from August to July. Rather than tailor our programmes by genre or theme, in true Fringe spirit each of our screenings offers up an eclectic mix – in any given screening you might find animation, drama, documentary, experimental, comedy, horror…from anywhere in the world, from 60 seconds long to 30 minutes long. There really is something for every film lover at CineFringe.

Our strongest commitment has always been to accessibility. The festival is open to anyone from anywhere in the world and is completely free to enter. From 2010 to 2014 the screenings themselves, shown in our pop-up cinema at the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe, offered Fringe audiences the biggest independent film offering at the world’s largest arts festival all for an affordable ticket cost.

What started as an experiment to see if filmmakers would want to inject a little film into an otherwise film-less Fringe soon started to grow bigger than we ever imagined. Year on year, the festival has expanded with more and more entries from around the world gracing our doorstep.

With an expanding film programme has come new and varied events such as workshops, special ‘superfan’ screenings and in 2014 a collaboration with the British Animation Awards. We’ve even expanded to include films that are NOT short, teaming up with Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema to bring Sundance Award-winning feature documentary, Indie Game the Movie to Edinburgh for its Scottish Premiere in 2012. We’ve been lucky enough to unearth some amazing film talents at the start of their journies and they’ve gone on to great success.


The Future

A successful crowdfunding campaign helped us bring our biggest festival ever in Edinburgh in 2014, including allowing us to manifest our ‘pop-up cinema’ with a glorious cardboard cinema. We also held an unforgettable anniversary screening of Ghostbusters at the Cameo Cinema with live commentary from a host of comedians and superfans.

However, after 5 years of trekking up to Edinburgh we realised that breadth and depth of films we received and screened in our programme deserved a bigger audience than our small corner of a fiercely competitive and event saturated Fringe festival could offer us.

We decided to use our remaining funding to allow our amazing programme of films to stretch it’s legs and go and offer a chance for a bigger audience around the country to experience the awesome shorts that we are privileged to screen.

And so in 2015/16 CineFringe became a roadshow festival. Over the next year we took our shorts to Bristol and London in a seasonal showing of our wares, playing to full screening rooms. Our final screening was in April 2016 and as our small band of volunteers started to get married and have children we took the decision to put the festival on indefinite hiatus.

We don’t want to say goodbye forever, we still love sharing films on our Facebook page and we hope that at some point we can find a way to bring CineFringe back to life in some form.

We are eternally grateful to our fantastic filmmakers and our amazing audiences for 7 years of filmic discovery and  adventure they have given us and we hope that adventure continues for them for a long time to come!


Lots of Love, John, Catherine, Jon & Rob (Team CineFringe)